WWE John Cena Raw Reunion Retirement

John Cena has been the mainstay of WWE programming for the better part of the last fifteen years. While his on-screen appearances have reduced these days, all the viewers continue to see him as the biggest name in the company every time he hits the ring. Over the past few days, there were speculations if Big Match John will even be at the RAW Reunion – but here he was!

WWE John Cena Retire
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This puts to an end the longstanding question of Cena retiring. In a promo today, he dissed the naysayers saying the WWE is his home and he’s never leaving.

WWE RAW Reunion: What Did John Cena Do?

At the WWE Raw Reunion, John Cena opened the show and cut an emotional promo about how WWE is his home. He was interrupted by the Usos who said they were here for the Doctor of Thuganomics. They were then joined by their father Rikishi who asked Cena for a dance but before that could happen The Revival interrupted and it resulted in Usos vs Revival.

WWE John Cena
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This was Cena’s role in the show. Basically, he was here to open the show. However, the big takeaway was that he did make it to the show which many were even wondering to not happen in the first place.

Cena Retirement Rumors Put to an End

WWE John Cena Retirement
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This puts to end all the rumors started by critics who expected John Cena to be on his way out of the company just like how The Rock did it in the early 2000s. This was Cena’s first return to WWE Raw since WrestleMania 35.