WWE Wrestlers Joining AEW Daniel Bryan

WWE might still be the big league but it is no longer the only league! Competition has arrived for the company in the form of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). A number of WWE superstars have already defected to the rival promotion and many more are expected to jump ship really soon. Let us take a closer look at some of the biggest names in WWE who are expected to jump ship the moment their contract expires:

Cesaro WWE Wrestlers Joining AEW
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Top 10 WWE Stars Expected to Join AEW

Here are the top 10 names expected to join the rival promotion:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Cesaro
  • Big E
  • Sasha Banks
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Luke Harper
  • Rusev
  • The Revival
  • Tyler Breeze
  • Samoa Joe
Sasha Banks WWE Wrestlers Joining AEW
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Some of the names here don’t really surprise us. The Revival had expressed their intent long ago and so has Sasha Banks, who also followed AEW on Twitter. Dolph, Cesaro, Rusev have been underbooked for years now and are certainly looking forward to a fresher promotion which allows them to shine. Tyler Breeze has been made into a jobber over the years and Big E hasn’t been given a shot at the gold either. Samoa Joe fits well into the indie-picture and so does D Bryan! Harper’s contract extension was an ugly incident in the WWE and he too is expected to join AEW upon release.

Is CM Punk Joining All Elite Wrestling?

CM Punk All Elite Wrestling AEW
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Another huge former WWE name expected to make a debut in the AEW is that of CM Punk. Punk’s return is expected to take place at AEW All Out on the 31st of August and he is expected to open their Wednesday Night debut show in October as well! Punk will be the biggest name in the company without the shadow of a doubt, if he joins them, that is!