All Elite Wrestling AEW vs WWE

Let’s admit it, WWE has not had a legit competition since 2001 when they took over WCW. However, AEW vs WWE looks like finally there’s something that the fans can look forward to! Interestingly, it now appears that AEW might be debuting on the very week that SmackDown Live moves to Fox Network. Let us take a closer look:

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AEW vs WWE Jon Moxley
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AEW Trademarks “Wednesday Night Dynamite”

Interestingly, a new trademark has been filed by AEW – ‘Wednesday Night Dynamite’. This indicates that their weekly show will be held on a Wednesday night as opposed to Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, which will be moving back to Friday nights following its move to Fox.

AEW vs WWE Wednesday Night Dynamite
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It is being expected that AEW vs WWE will hit full-swing when the debut show of All Elite Wrestling will take place on the 2nd of October on TNT, while SmackDown on Fox will move to Fox Network on the 4th of October.

AEW vs WWE: Is All Elite Wrestling at a Disadvantage?

While it appears that they are taking WWE heads-on, trying to hurt them on the week of their big move to Fox, AEW might just be at a disadvantage while trying to do this. As we have learnt earlier, WWE is pulling out all the big guns to ensure that their Fox debut is a success. A number of legends are expected to turn up.

SmackDown on Fox AEW vs WWE
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Amid all the celebrations and hullaballoo at SmackDown Live, it is advantage WWE when it comes to the war between AEW vs WWE as AEW’s show might just get lost in the shuffle amid the hype around SmackDown!