Is looking young a blessing or a curse?

Being the owner of a baby face has perks, for instance, you can get away with a couple of discounts here and there, and you are bound to keep your young demeanor for a little longer than most.

You are probably tired of people saying “really?” Every time you tell them your age and all the embarrassing jokes inside, your friends are ready to use at any given chance, with a side of laughter:

“Women who look young, what’s the funniest/strangest/most memorable comment about your age you’ve ever received from a stranger?” – this online user turned to one of Reddit’s communities to find out what noteworthy remarks women with young features received. The thread has received over two thousand upvotes and over one thousand amusing tales.


1. The guy assumed that she was a teen and caused a car accident.

I will give my favorite interaction award to one that benefited me.

A year ago, I was involved in a car accident that was 100% my fault, because I was distracted arguing with my mother and plowing down the side of a truck. Thankfully there were no kids in the car when I was driving. I got out in shock, really worried, as the man driving the vehicle was angry and said to me, “Do you need me to call your parents to get you?”

His mentality changed in a flash and was so mindful, discussing how it had probably been a shock having just been driving a brief time (expected I was as yet a teen) and how he had a 17y/o girl and was stressed something like this would happen to her when she breezed through her assessment.

It was the day before my 30th birthday, he got me a McDonald’s breakfast to calm me down, I was too deep at this point.

2. When buying alcohol, I was asked for an ID.

It’s compulsory to show your ID when buying alcohol in my country (if they think you’re under 25).

The kid behind the counter asked if he could see my identification after I bought a bottle of wine. ‘Uh, sure.Thank you, I guess’.

Him: Woooah, you’re 35?! You don’t have wrinkles or anything. I’m 16 and I have classmates who look older than you!

It was good for the ego.

3. The police officer wondered where her daughter’s parents were.

The police officer asked where my daughter’s parents were and why we were alone. I showed him my stretch marks because I didn’t have any proof that she was mine. He was embarrassed.

4. I was told to stop complaining about looking younger.

I asked on a makeup Facebook group for tips to appear more mature as I felt it was holding me back at work. Someone told me that I should stop complaining about my appearance and that I will be happy when I’m 30. I was 34 years old at the time.


We had a holiday luncheon last week and he asked about kids. I said yes, I have a young man.

He said “holy s**t! Your kid is older than you!”

6. A plane seat neighbor thought she was a high school senior.

On an airplane, I wore a hoodie and carried a backpack. I have no makeup on, my hair is messy and I have a mask on. I asked the elderly couple if I could have their window seat. The woman helps her husband explain to me that he is blind. The woman is talking to her husband while I slide into my seat.

Her: you’re sitting next to a sweet little girl, she’s got a (university) hoodie on and her bag. She’s probably – how old are you dear?
Me: I turn 27 tomorrow.
Her: oh! Oh wow. I thought you were much younger. Like a high school senior.

The husband is hysterical. They were close to each other. We had a great flight.

7. She said she might change her mind about having children.

I had been seeing a new hairdresser. She said she was having a baby. I said that she was braver than me because I didn’t want kids. She said, “you might change your mind someday”. I said, “I think at 42 I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen”. She bopped me on the head with the brush (not hard) and laughed and said “you are not 42”. I took out my license to prove it. I had to explain to her that I have my dad’s hair and he didn’t start graying until his 50s. The bop with the hairbrush was pretty funny.

8. I was told to go back to class.

“And why do you think you can just sit in the teachers’ lounge?! Get back to class immediately!!!”

My head is bent over a stack of exams holding a red pen. She thought I was 12 at the time, but I was only 22.

It hasn’t gotten better. I’m 27 years old and I’m always asked for an ID while purchasing alcohol. The drinking age here? 18.

9. A man thought his girlfriend was actually his father.

My high school boyfriend and I were at a golf range. He was teaching me how to drive. A man in his 60s came up to me and asked me how to swing and then said, “Do you and your father golf together often?”

He thought I was 12 and my boyfriend was 30. A very awkward situation.

10. A Hostess asked how old she was.

One day when I was in Atlantic City with my parents and siblings, we decided to eat breakfast at a diner. I’m only 5 feet tall, but I’m the second oldest in my family with an age gap ranging from 6-13 years with my younger siblings. The hostess bent down to her knees and asked my younger siblings their ages. She asked me the same question when she got to me. She was surprised when I answered “19.”