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Winds of Winter is the sixth and the penultimate book in the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, popularly known for the TV adaptation, Game of Thrones. While seven books were planned when the series initially started off in 1996,  only 5 books have come out so far, with the last one having released in 2011.

George RR Martin Winds of Winter Release Date
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Let us take a closer look at when the much-awaited sixth book in the series would come out and what to expect from it!

Winds of Winter Release Date: When Will The Sixth Book Release?

George RR Martin is known for notoriously long delays! At this point in time, many people think he’s just trolling the readers and is waiting for the perfect moment to drop the new book. However, Winds of Winter continues to be under process – as Martin has claimed that this has been the most difficult book he has ever had to write!

Winds of Winter Release Date
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With no tentative release date as of now, most people are expecting that Martin is busy making changes to the plot as he does not want the books to be too similar to what we’ve seen on Game of Thrones, the TV show on HBO. Also, he might be busy with the Game of Thrones spinoff which HBO is working on – which is adding to the delay in the book’s release.

Fans Worried Over George RR Martin’s Health

George RR Martin Winds of Winter
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While it started off as a joke, some fans are now legit worried that George RR Martin, the writer of the series might just pass away before he finishes off the series and this would just be one big disappointment! Given that Winds of Winter, as well as A Dream of Spring, are still to come, fans are praying for a long and healthy life for Mr Martin!

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