The Winds of Winter has been one of the most awaited books of the season. Fans have been waiting for it for a long time. And they were thrilled to know that The Winds of Winter finally has a due date. But, it seems that the fans are going to receive a delay announcement rather than a publishing date.

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What will happen if George R.R.Martin does not publish The Winds of Winter on the promised day?

Last month, George R.R.Martin had announced that The Winds of Winter would release by July 2020. To spice up the thing, he even challenged that the public can put him behind bars if the book doesn’t get released. He said this because he has missed a ton of deadlines over the past eight years. So, this thing has become a little infamous with the fans.

Martin wrote in his blog that if he doesn’t arrive in New Zealand next year with his new book, the public has his permission to imprison him. And he also stated that they could lock him in a tiny cabin located in White Island until he finishes the book.

Let’s note that the WorldCon in New Zealand is going to take place in July 2020. So, he has made it clear that the book is getting launched that day. But, many publications are claiming that the last book of ‘ The Song of Ice and Fire’ series might be delayed.

Will the book get delayed?

Why might the book be delayed? Because Martin has a new project in his hands. Deadline has reported that Martin has signed up for some new assignments. He is going to be the new chief builder for Meow Wolf. And this is an entertainment company which offers interactive experiences.  Martin is going to work with a team, and they will create narratives for the exhibits.

So, with Martin committing to such projects, the future of The Winds of Winter seems quite bleak. So, what is he going to do? Push back another deadline? Or prove everybody wrong and launch the book on the promised day?