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George RR Martin, the author behind the epic saga of Game of Thrones is always in news for his upcoming book, ‘The Winds of Winter’. It has been more than 8 years since the last book in ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ series released. Fans all over the world have been waiting and the horrible Game of Thrones TV show final season has made everyone more impatient.

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While everyone wants to know when in GRRM releasing Winds of Winter, the 70 years old author is always busy in other things. Recent reports state that Winds of Winter is getting more delayed as George is writing for a new game series.

George RR Martin is busy in other Projects

Winds of Winter release date delay George R R Martin George RR Martin has gotten slow in his old age and taking a lot of time to write the last two books in the series. As per the latest rumors, GRRM has teamed up with FromSoftware, a gaming company to write for their next project. The latest leaks from the E3 2019 expo has confirmed the same and revealed more details about the game. This is the latest reason to be added in the list of delay for Winds of Winter.

Elden Ring game details

GOT book delay

The reported game is named as Elden Ring, which will be set in the same universe as Dark Souls game. It will be an RPG fantasy action game, which is being developed at a rapid pace. Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Dark Souls and George R.R. Martin have joined hands to create the game. Elden Ring will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PCs and the latest cloud gaming consoles.

Winds of Winter Release date

Winds of Winter release date

GRRM being busy in writing Elden Ring game has raised another question about the release of Winds of Winter. The author has previously promised to his fans that he will finish the book before July 2020. But given his lack of focus and the large story of the book, it seems that Winds of Winter may take much longer than a year to release.