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Game of Thrones ending: Did the finale twist came from GOT books of George R.R.Martin?

Game of Thrones ending GOT book George R.R. Martin

Game of Thrones took the world by a shocking storm when it proclaimed Bran Stark as the King of Westeros. And now maybe you can skip A Dream of Spring by George R.R.Martin. because the ending has already been ruined.


Bran’s fate was fairly disappointing for the audience. And people might have assumed that the show’s ending is similar to what Martin has planned for his books. But, we did not have any solid confirmation up until now.

Game of Thrones ending GOT book George R.R. Martin

What did Martin have to do with the ending of Game of Thrones?

In an interview, Isaac Hempstead Wright revealed that Martin had planned the ending of Game of Thrones and passed it on to David Benioff and D.B.Weiss. None of them have confirmed this news as of now. But, it seems pretty likely that it is the truth because it has been put on the official website of Game of Thrones.

Wright revealed that Martin had planned two things for Bran. The first was Hodor’s revelation and that Bran would win the Iron Throne. “It was pretty cool to be a part of George’s vision. I thought it was a nice way to wrap up this thing up.” Wright said.

Game of Thrones ending GOT book George R.R. Martin

Will Bran the Broken conclude The Song of Ice and Fire series too?

In 2013, Benioff and Weiss had met with Martin to decide the way the show was going to end. They knew the show was going to end before the books released. So, Martin revealed to them the ending that he had planned for A Song of Ice and Fire. The showrunners had revealed that towards the ending, there will be three ‘holy sh*t’ moments. The first was Shireen’s death, the second was how did Hodor come to be ‘Hodor’ and the third was the final conclusion of the series.

But this does not mean that Bran winning the Iron Throne is not the permanent ending for the books. Martin has revealed that his ending will be a little different from what the series has shown us. This might have happened due to the recent fan reactions to the show’s ending.

Game of Thrones ending GOT book George R.R. Martin

How did both the things go off track?

We think this whole situation fits so much now because we know the mess that this has created. And by the time the final season of Game of Thrones aired, it had outrun the books from a long distance. And eventually, it became its own thing. Bran had not been so integral for quite some time. So, Weiss and Benioff could craft the stories as they wanted to. They realised that they didn’t put the same effort into Bran as Martin did and made him the character he actually is. He ended up taking up an ill fitting role.

Game of Thrones ending GOT book George R.R. Martin

So, in the end, they required Tyrion to deliver a 5 minute monologue. Because they believed that the audience had to be convinced as much as the Lords of Winterfell.

So, now all we can do is wait for the last books from the Song of Ice and Fire series to be released. Martin recently revealed that he had plans to have the book ready by August 2020.

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