Game of Thrones ending George RR Martin GOT book

Game of Thrones Season 8, the final in the series has been aired and most of the fans are unhappy with the ending. While the Game of Thrones ending is not what the show deserved, there are many things unknown. The important question to ask is who is responsible for writing the end? Is it the HBO team or the original writer George RR Martin responsible for such a surprise ending?

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The worst Ending

Game of Thrones ending George RR Martin

Before we go into the blame game, let us try to understand why is Game of Thrones ending hated by everyone. The HBO TV show ended with Jon Snow killing Daenerys Targaryen and going out to the wall, with Bran being made the King of six kingdoms.

Most of the viewers did not like the last episode of Game of Thrones and it did no justice to the story. Fans are so much heartbroken over Season 8, that they want a Game of Thrones Season 9 to correct the mistakes.

Role of GRRM in TV Show

Game of Thrones ending George RR Martin

It brings to the question, who is to be blamed for the disaster of a show called Game of Thrones Season 8. Everyone knows that Game of Thrones is based on the books, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George RR Martin. But the HBO TV show surpassed the books a long time ago and has been written by the HBO writers.

Many people blame the HBO writers D&D for making Game of Thrones Season 8 a bad TV show due to their rushed storyline. On the other hand, GRRM has stated that he has given some vague hints about how we want to end the Game of Thrones. In a way both HBO writers and GRRM are responsible for the surprising end, they should have a better discussion before finalizing the script.

Fans are disappointed

Game of Thrones ending George RR Martin

No matter who is responsible for Game of Thrones ending, Fans are really disappointed and sad. Game of Thrones has such a huge fanbase and crazy following, and the way it ended has broken many hearts. Some of the fans are so angry that they have filed a petition to remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with better writers.