Game of Thrones fans are happy that they will finally get to know who will sit on the iron throne. But some are also worried about what will they do after the show ends. Everyone will miss the show terribly after it comes to a conclusion. We have exciting news for the fans who can’t see the story come to an end.

Rumours have it that the show has been renewed for its prequel series. Here are all the details about the upcoming prequel of Game of Thrones!

What is the release date of Game of Thrones prequel series?

The release date of the series is not known yet. However, if the show has been renewed for the prequel, we can get to see it by June next year.

Game of Thrones prequel release date
Credits: The Independent

Casey Bloys, HBO programming president, said,

My guess is it would be at least a year before you saw anything else. What I don’t want is the attention to be drawn from the final season, which I think is going to be epic and amazing, and somehow have the distraction of a new Game of Thrones airing right after that.

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Production is said to begin by early summer this year, so we can expect the show to release by summer 2020. Kit Harington said that HBO can definitely do this as it had a bigger budget for the final season. There is a huge possibility that Game of Thrones will expand with the prequel series.

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But HBO boss Bob Greenblatt is not sure about the spinoff. He feels that it should be done only if everyone agrees and it makes sense to come out with a spinoff. It is necessary that it stands to the show’s standard. Greenblatt added,

Can you really do two spinoffs? I don’t know,” Greenblatt said. “I’m not even sure you can do one.

When will the prequel trailer release?

HBO Game of Thrones prequel
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If HBO goes on board with the idea of a prequel, the fans will get to see a teaser before the release of the official trailer. But still, we shouldn’t expect much from HBO too soon.

What will be the prequel series called?

Currently, the prequel series is not titled yet. Previously, The Long Night was decided as an appropriate title. But you never know if George R.R. Martin has other plans in mind. HBO is not ready to release any titles yet. So it seems that we will have to wait a little longer for this one.

What is the plot of Game of Thrones Prequel?

At the moment, we don’t know much about the prequel. But HBO has given some description of the plot of the prequel.

The series will be set thousands of years before the events of the original series. It chronicles the descent of the world from the Age of Heroes in the most difficult times. Everything ranging from Westero’s horrifying secrets to how the White Walkers came into being will be revealed.

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The story will reveal a lot of secrets that you don’t even know exist. Not to forget that Martin loves to prove everyone wrong.