Roger Federer retirement wimbledon 2019

Roger Federer has been so far doing great in the Wimbledon 2019 matches and has reached the quarterfinals. The tennis match will be played on July 10 between Federer and Kei Nishikori from Japan. There are high chances that Roger could even win the finals and take the 9th Wimbledon trophy at his home.

But then again Federer is 37 years old and don’t have much game time left in him. He has gotten slow and losing his stamina each day, along with training exercise and practice games. It raises the question about the retirement of Roger Federer and how long can he play on the court. The man himself had revealed his future plans and here is when Federer confirms about his retirement.

Roger Federer on his Retirement

Roger Federer Retirement

In a recent interview, Roger Federer has opened up about his age and shared his views about its effect on his age. He knows that he has grown old and can’t play the same as he used to do before. Federer now takes more time for warming up as he has been practicing less. Here is what he has to say on his age and retirement plans.

I liked to jump up and down for long when I was of age 21 or 19. But now we go through the entire routine and I’m like, Really, do we really have to do it again? I know it helps and hence I’m doing it. When I start to get bored with it, I’ll stop doing it and take retirement from tennis. I think I have to stop the routine soon and then I will stop playing and it will happen soon.

Experience comes with Age

Roger Federer Age and Experience Wimbledon 2019

Roger Federer also explains that there are several advantages of having an old age and it can help you win matches. With the increasing age, the experience of playing tennis matches also increases. Federer knows the tips and tricks which the young tennis stars are yet unaware of. Here are the positive effects of growing age as per Federer.

When I look back at my match in the last French Open against Rafale Nadal, it was very windy out there. I have also played in dark conditions before, I know about the places a lot better. It is more about the quality rather than the quantity and I know how to use my older body in an efficient way.