cure for HIV AIDS 2019

We are about to enter the year 2020, medical research has done wonders and most of the diseases are being cured. Doctors have almost found a cure for blood cancer, yet one of the most dangerous things out there is yet not curable.

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We still have not found any cure for HIV/AIDS, which is one of the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases out there. Why haven’t researchers developed a cure or vaccine for HIV/AIDS? Let us try to find the answer to the question everyone is asking.

It is still not accepted by Society

cure for HIV/AIDS

The biggest reason there is no cure for HIV/AIDS is that because the general public is still unaware. Most of the people rarely talk about AIDS and consider HIV is a taboo. Everyone millions of people are infected with HIV, yet only a few thousands of them show at the hospitals.

People who have HIV/AIDS thinks that the society will judge them and due to the fear of character shaming they try to hide it. It gets more difficult in rural areas, where fewer people use proper measures and succumbed to AIDS. If everyone starts accepting it as a normal disease, it can be tracked at an early stage and will help the research process to cure HIV/AIDS.

Constantly changing Virus

cure for HIV/AIDS

Now let us look at the medical and scientific aspect of HIV and why it so difficult to find a cure for HIV. The virus responsible for AIDS known as Human Influenza Virus (HIV) is totally different from the other disease-causing microbes. HIV generates a different type of shield technology, where the virus is constantly changing its shield type and evolving for the vaccines or cure to work. The HIV virus responsible for causing AIDS is well adapted to the changes and hides inside the host’s genome.

It will take Time

cure for HIV/AIDS

The US government and all other leading agencies around the world are working hard to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. What was now totally fatal once, has now been bought to a chronically treatable disease. As Zika and Ebola are cured with a vaccine, HIV/AIDS will also be cured one day. Researches are getting close to find a cure for HIV/AIDS, and maybe around 2020 or 2021 will achieve success.