Cure for HIV/AIDS

The epidemic of HIV/AIDS has gripped the world for a long time. Millions of people have died because of the lack of advancement in medical therapy required to prevent the transmission and cure the disorder. But this year has seen some improvement in this direction as scientists may have found a way to stop the transmission of the disease.

ART medication prevents transmission

cure for HIV/AIDS 2019A study funded by the National Institute for health was carried out in Europe for nearly 10 years and the results were recently published in a medical journal. The study was meant to verify the results of a new drug treatment called ART that prevents transmission of the virus from an HIV/AIDS positive patient to a negative partner.

The study was conducted on almost 1,000 gay couples from September 2010 to July 2017. Couples engaged in condomless intercourse during this time but zero transmissions of the virus were recorded. The 15 new infections were found to be contracted from individuals that were not taking the ART medication.

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Closer than ever before

HIV?AIDS Cure 2019The research has proved that early detection of the virus and therapy of prescribed medicines can successfully stop the transmission of the virus.

We have also seen HIV/AIDS patients being functionally cured after receiving a stem cell transplant this year. This means that we may be closer to finding a cure for HIV/AIDS than ever before.