Cure for AIDS HIV

AIDS has taken the lives of millions of people all over the globe. Modern science and technology have been working synergistically to develop for a permanent cure for AIDS is underway. But that’s not all scientists have been up to. A recent study has suggested that science may have figured out a way to prevent the spread of the virus itself.

Study published in The Lancet

Permanent cure for AIDSA study was published recently that stated that certain patients who were HIV positive have responded well to the ART drug regimen, which works to suppress the spread of HIV infection. published in The Lancet on Thursday, the study is called Partner.

Carried out in two phases from 2010 to 2018, spread out over 14 countries in Europe and 75 locations. The study focused on the probability of HIV transmission in couples. While one partner was HIV positive, his or her system had successfully suppressed the virus due to the ART drugs.

Permanent Cure for AIDS: Over a thousand couples were studied

Permanent cure for AIDSAbout 1000 couples were studied, and over the 8 year period, scientist discovered that there was no HIV transmission despite engaging in unprotected intercourse. At least 15 people became HIV positive. However, it was because they were having intercourse with their sexual partners weren’t under the ART regimen.

While the permanent cure for AIDS is still underway, this study presents as a ray of hope.