cure for HIV/AIDS 2019

Cure for HIV/AIDS has been the subject of research for decades now. However, now that we’re in 2019, the question still arises, will we find a feasible cure for HIV/AIDS in our lifetime?


Humanity has long suffered the plague of Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, as it is commonly known. The virus causes Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the most deadly disease we have ever faced. But there may be some good news after all these years – it appears that researchers are finally getting close to finding a cure for the disease.

The earliest record of AIDS

cure for HIV/AIDS 2019The earliest record of HIV/AIDS was identified in the case in the 1970s when the virus was discovered in the blood and tissue samples of patients who had already passed away. Ten years after that. Doctors recorded the first ever case of HIV/AIDS in a live human being.

Since then, the disorder has spread to millions of people on the planet. Research is well underway, trying to find a semblance of a cure for HIV/AIDS. Till now, we have been using antiretroviral therapy where patients need to take one tablet every day to fight the infection.

Dr. Stephen Stephen Klotz has said,

“We have shown that years of antiretroviral therapy can return patients to a non-frail state. In addition, prolonged antiretroviral therapy restores cellular function and numbers of cells adversely affected by HIV.”

Bone marrow transplant works for the second time

cure for HIV/AIDS 2019We are yet to see the one-stop solution the fatal disorder, but for now, a second patient called the London Patient has been revealed to be completely HIV free after getting a bone marrow transplant therapy.

While this is certainly is good news, prevention is certainly better. People should practice safe sex methods and avoid sharing needles to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS.