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Treatment for HIV/AIDS 2019: Is there a possible cure?

While there are treatments for HIV/AIDS, there is no sure shot cure for it yet. The patient has to live with the virus destroying the immune system. However, there are developments. This happens almost every passing day. The patients and their families and friend have been waiting to hear some good news.


Recently there has been one. Researchers of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health have been working upon finding an “all in one cure” to HIV/AIDS.

 Treatment for HIV/AIDS- the study

The study is conducted by the researchers of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. The study is published in EBioMedicine journal. This is via Science Daily.

Treatment for HIV/AIDS 2019

They explain saying that most of the studies are framed around “kick and kill” concept. The concept is to kick the infected cells in hiding.

The main motive is to kill them later. The developments of the study have been great. Moreover, it shows the potential of a cure for HIV/AIDS being achieved.

They are currently working on to find which cells harbor the HIV virus. By doing so they would know which cells to be kicked out.

When a patient takes in medication, the HIV virus goes into an inactive state. And by doing so it hides in the T helper cells. Hiding takes place in the DNA of these cells.


Because of the study, the scientists have found Cytomegalovirus (CMV). This is found in almost 95 percent of HIV patients. CMV is important because it has the capability to remain hidden in the body.

The author of the study says that the immune system has the capability of fighting the CMV. Moreover, they can even monitor CMV. If they fail to do so then it means that a large part of CMV might be hiding in them.

Treatment for HIV/AIDS 2019: Is there a possible cure?

The team is working towards this. This has the potential to cure HIV/AIDS in 2019.

Written by Ketakee Srivastava

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