Cure for HIV/AIDS

Cure for HIV/ AIDS is yet to be discovered. There is no such procedure available that remove the virus from the patient’s body. Moreover, there is no medication as well which might reverse the damage incurred to the immune system.


Cure for HIV/AIDS possible?

However, there have been many new therapies. This has been possible because of the advancement in technology.

Moreover, advancement in science also plays an important role. The survival of the cancer patient has become possible now.

Cure for HIV/AIDS
HIV virus targets immunity system
Source: Ox ac. UK

It is only because of the new therapies. These new therapies ensure a healthy life for the patient. Cancer patients can now live a normal life.

Even the life span of cancer patients has increased. This is in comparison to when no proper treatment was available. The quality of the life they lead has also increased.

People who suppress the HIV virus

There have been cases where the body of the patient suppresses the HIV virus. This is without any medication or treatment.

Such patients are known as “Elite Controllers.” However, this is not a frequent event.

Moreover, there are also Elite Controllers who decide to take antiretrovirals. They do so to decrease the damage which the HIV virus does. This damage is mostly to their immune system.

Cancer patients who are now cured

There are also cases where cancer patients have been cured. One such historic case is of Timothy Brown.

Cure for HIV/AIDS
Is there a cure for HIV/AIDS
Source: Agoramedia

Brown suffered from cancer for almost a decade. He later took a bone marrow transplant. By doing so he got rid of all the cancer cells from his body. And now has been declared cured by the scientists.

This means he does not take any anti-retroviral pills. He is leading a healthy life. Since there is no cure for HIV, therefore this brings hopes for millions.

The main question which arises here is that is this transplant worth the risk? Because transplants are risky. This is because they are not always successful.

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