HIV Cure has been an area of fruitless results for the scientists and researchers. They have been trying hard to find a cure for this dreadful disease.

However, no ultimate remedy for HIV is yet here. Researchers are also trying to develop treatments which will help patients to lead their normal lives. However, we have some good news for those waiting for HIV Cure.

HIV Cure- current treatments available

It isn’t too long when HIV was considered as slow death sentence. Therefore, this disease has always been taking as a fatal one.

Because no permanent cure as yet has been developed for it. But, because of the advancement of science various treatments are available now.

These treatments include antiretroviral drugs. Because of these drugs, the patients get a chance to live life. This is available in the absence of any permanent cure.

HIV Cure 2019
Source: Telegraph

HIV Cure-the study

An article was published recently on HIV Cure. This article is drafted by researchers from the University of Arizona College of Medicine.

The article was published via Medical Express in the Journal of the International Association of AIDS Care Providers.

According to the article, no patient will become frail after contracting the virus. It is now “a specter of the past.”

HIV Cure- advancements in treatments

The lead author of the article is Dr. Stephen A. Klotz. He says that antiretroviral therapy can return patients to a non-frail state.

HIV Cure 2019
Source: Bio Ethics Observatory

This comes as great news for all those who are a victim of this disease.

They will now get an opportunity to lead a normal life. Advancements in medical science will come as a second life to them.

Permanent remedy for HIV

There have been two cases of permanent HIV Cure. This has been possible because of stem transplant.

One of the cases is of a man of London who has been cured of HIV. Another one is of Timothy Ray Brown.

Brown underwent the transplant almost a decade ago. However, stem transplant is not been considered as a permanent HIV Cure. This is because of the risks involved in it.

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