Is HIV curable now?

HIV is the disease which lowers the immune system of the body. Therefore, it makes the body vulnerable to germs. The disease has been a cause of death of all who have been attacked by this virus.

There is no permanent cure and it ultimately leads to death. However, a recent treatment of a HIV patient of London will come as a hope to thousands of others who are suffering from it.

The story of an HIV patient who has been “cured”

An HIV patient of London recently became the second ever person to become free from this disease. Yes, you have got it right. We are talking about the same disease in which death is inevitable.

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This person who demands his identity to not be disclosed is now “cured” of HIV. And this becomes possible because of a bone marrow transplant.

Is HIV curable now?

The first patient to get the cure for HIV of this was Timothy Brown. Though, this happened almost a decade ago.

Similar to this patient of London, Brown underwent bone marrow transplant. This transplant was the cure to cancer for him.

Both of them received stem cells. These cells were from the donor who has rare genetic mutations of the gene CCR5.

And, because of this, the donor is HIV-resistant. Timothy Brown ceased taking antiretroviral drugs. These drugs are for suppressing HIV AIDS. Brown has been free from HIV virus even after that.

According to scientists, Brown is now cured. Similar is the case with the patient of London. He stopped taking medicines some 18 months ago. And yet there is no symptom of HIV.

Is HIV curable now?
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Is HIV really curable?

This story of Timothy Brown and the London patient definitely comes as hope for many. But the question still remains unanswered. Is a cure for HIV really here in 2019?

However, the procedure of bone marrow transplant is advisable to be not offered as a cure. This is because the entire process in itself is risky.

The surgery for bone marrow transplant is not a normal one. Because it imparts a great threat to the life of the patient. Therefore, undergoing one requires serious consideration.

However, an HIV patient can lead a normal life and stay fit even without undergoing a transplant. This can be done by taking pills daily.