cure for HIV AIDS 2019

HIV/AIDS is an epidemic disease which has no cure. There are treatments that are available. And it also allows the patient to live a healthy life. However, no permanent cure of HIV/AIDS has yet been developed.

But, the researchers are trying really hard to come up with one. Recently another study was conducted by scientists. They are from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. This study is published in EBio Medicine journal.

Cure for HIV/AIDS- the study

According to this study, the immune cells are the cure for HIV/AIDS. It is the all in one approach for a cure for HIV/AIDS.

Cure for HIV/AIDS to be developed soon in the form of vaccines
Source: Frontiers

These are the immune cells which recognize the Cytomegalovirus. Moreover, they kick the cells out of hiding. This is, particularly in the immune system.

However, this is yet to be tested in clinical trials. Because the discovery has been made in the laboratory. The cells that were used for the study were taken from HIV patients.

Can a HIV patient have a normal life without medicine?

The study might lead to the development of a vaccine. This vaccine will, therefore, help HIV patients to stop taking the medicine.

These daily medicines allow patients to have a normal life. However, after getting vaccinated, they will not need the medicines. They can have a normal life without daily medications.

The vaccine will help them to keep the HIV virus in check. The concept of the vaccine is to kick the virus out of hiding. And then kill it.

How does the medicines work?

Medicines are a part of anti-retroviral therapy. They control the HIV infection fairly well. Because of this, the virus cannot be detected in the blood. And therefore it cannot infect other people as well.

cure for HIV, AIDS
Substitutes for medicines in HIV/AIDS treatment to be developed soon
Source: LA Times

However, the case is not similar if the person stops taking the medicines. Then the virus becomes potent enough to cause HIV/AIDS

But, the medicines have several side-effects. Because of which the scientists are trying to discover a substitute for it.