HIV Cure- Is the World Heading Towards being HIV Free?

HIV has now become worldwide epidemic. This is because of the no HIV Cure being available for this. Death is the final outcome if a person suffers from HIV.

However, the past month has shaken up this belief. This is because three patients of HIV have been completely cured of it.

Thereby giving hopes to several who are suffering from it. Recently, three patients of HIV have been declared free of it.

This means they do not have to take in anti-retroviral drugs to live. Does this mean that HIV is now a curable disease?

HIV Cure- Is the World Heading Towards being HIV Free?
Is the World Heading Towards being HIV Free?
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HIV Cure: How were the three HIV patients cured?

Scientists have declared two patients of United Kingdom free of HIV infection. Joining them is Timothy Brown who suffered from HIV for almost 10 years.

The biggest question is how were they cured? This is because this disease that has no permanent cure.

The answer to this is stem cell transplant. These three patients underwent stem cell transplant surgery.

It is because of this surgery that they could be freed from the epidemic infection. And the cliché here is that this epidemic infection has no cure.

This means that now they are not striving on the antiretroviral drugs.

Is it worth undergoing the transplant to be free from HIV?

Finding a cure to something as dreadful as HIV is no less than a blessing. But there is another question that must be thought upon.

HIV Cure 2019
HIV patients have a normal life. This is because of anti-retroviral drugs
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This is before any HIV patient decides of undergoing the transplant. The question is: is the transplant really worth undergoing to be free of HIV?

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases raises a point. He says that is the transplant really worth getting done?

This is especially is the HIV patient is leading a healthy life. The patient in such cases lead normal life because of the anti-retroviral drugs.

Fauci says that are the risks associated with the transplant are not worth taking. This is especially when the HIV patient can lead a normal life. By taking a pill each day, HIV patients can have a healthy life.

To get an HIV cure, the patient must think on the lines that are the risks worth only to get rid of the pill.