Cure for cancer 2019: Australian doctor claims to find the solution with a simple Injection

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    One of the most harmful disease today is Cancer, which is almost impossible to cure totally. Doctors and Scientists all over the world are working every day, trying to find a solution for cancer.

    Recently, an Australian doctor who was working on cancer treatment, claims to find a cure for blood cancer. Let us see in more detail about the cancer cure method and how it works.

    What is the Doctor saying?

    Cure for Cancer

    Dr. Ken Micklethwaite, an Australian doctor and his team have working for a long time on revolutionary cancer treatment. The new method uses a system of injecting modified immune cells called CAR T cells. Our immune system is normally unable to separate cancer cells from regular cells, but the CAR T cells seem to have solved the problem.

    We are taking the immune cells which are unable to see cancer, and insert a gene in them. It enables them to actually see and then kill the cancer cells.

    Patient Reports

    After adopting the new cancer treatment method, there is a 70 to 80 percent success rate in cancer cases. It was only applied in effect after being approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

    While the other methods for curing and treatment cancer such as Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant rarely work on teenager patients, this new method has proven to be effective. A 19-year old boy having blood cancer is now under full recovery after treated with CAR T cells method.

    How it works?

    Cure for Cancer 2019

    • The patient’s immune system T-cells are removed through laboratory process.
    • The immune system’s cancer-fighting ability is increased.
    • T-cell’s role is to find out and destroy abnormal cancer cells.
    • T-cells are specially modified to identify the cancer cells easily.
    • Modified T-cells are injected back into the patient’s blood and changes are observed within a month.

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