The latest cure for cancer 2019 comes from the most unlikely source. If a man from Oklahoma is to be believed, he was apparently able to cure his cancer with his dog’s medicine.

From zombies falling in love with women to Lindsay Lohan finally tasting sobriety, we have come across all types of weird news pieces daily. But the one in the discussion here has had even scientists scratching their heads.

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Joe Tippens of Oklahoma is claiming to have healed his lung cancer by taking his dog’s deworming medications. While people are skeptical about his ‘do it yourself’ remedy, there is a scientist who, in spite of finding life on some planet, has decided to study Joe’s claim.

cure for cancer of 2019
Credits: Daily mail

Unconventional cure for cancer 2019 suggestion from Oklahoma based grandfather

In an interview with media, Joe said that cancer had spread to other parts of his body. Chances of his survival were just 1 percent. Just when he had lost all his hope, Joe started following a very unconventional treatment. It was advised by his veterinarian. He took the medication for 3 months straight along with vitamin E supplements and CBD oil every day. After this, his cancer is now, as he claims, completely cured.

While this is something we have heard of for the first time in life, Joe claims to have met more than 40 people like him. These people too have benefitted from the same unconventional treatment. Stephen Prescott, president of Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, is keen on studying rigorously the case of these patients.

Scientists studying worms for a better cancer cure

cure for cancer of 2019

In fact, there was this report last month wherein a group of scientists were researching the potential of parasitic worms in cancer cure. That research is still on and so is Joe’s. So patients are advised to speak to their doctors and not come to any conclusion on their own just yet.