Cancer cure is not deduced and this is what makes it even more dreadful. It is the second major reason for deaths around the world. This is mainly because no cure is yet developed. However, scientists are trying hard to develop one. Several studies have been conducted to date and there has been great progress.

This progress is because of the advancement in technology. However, advancements in science also play a role in this. Recently another study was conducted and it promises a cure to cancer. To learn more, please scroll down.

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Cancer Cure: The study

A study to cure cancer was recently conducted. This is to find a possible solution for curing cancer. The researchers are from the Federal University of Sao Paulo.

This also includes the researchers of the Federal University of Para. The university is located in Brazil. This study identifies some major therapeutic effects of curcumin.

Curcumin is a yellow powder. This is obtained from the roots of the turmeric plant.

Cancer Cure: Turmeric can be the cure
Cancer Cure: Turmeric can be the cure
Source: Dreams Time

Scientists now claim that this curcumin is of great benefit. This is because it can play a major role in preventing stomach cancer. Moreover, it can help in treating one. The researchers have found therapeutic effects of curcumin.

They say that they reviewed all nutrients and bioactive molecules. This is done specifically to identify the one that could treat stomach cancer. And according to their findings, curcumin is the one.

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Other compounds that might help

Scientists have also discovered other compounds that have the same effect. These are cholecalciferol, resveratrol and quercetin. These three can also prevent stomach cancer.

Cancer Cure: Turmeric can be the cure
Stomach cancer might have a cure
Source: Verita Life

Moreover, it will also help in treating one. This is because these compounds are natural regulators. The regulation is related to histone activity. These histones basically organize the DNA molecule.

DNA is a double helical structure. Stomach cancer patients show this alteration.

However, the activity of histone can regulate this. And thus influence stomach cancer.  Even garcinol can help with this. Moreover, sodium butyrate is also effective. These help in repressing the genes and these genes are responsible for causing cancer.

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