Cancer cure 2019

Humanity has struggled with the plague of cancer for several decades now and scientific and medical research has been an unsuccessful so far in treating this fatal disorder. People who are dissatisfied with modern medicine tend to try other methods. One of them has been making headlines recently.

Medical practitioner claims ‘mud’ cures cancer

cure for canceCure for cancertreatment for cancercancertumour cure for cancer 2019cure for cancer 2019Recent reports have suggested that a former medical practitioner has developed a mixture of natural elements which reportedly cure cancer without the use of any allopathic medicines.

Cancer patient Chris Rosenau told a news channel about her experience of taking a mixture of dried up herbs and mushrooms. The mixture is called ‘mud’, and she revealed that it was developed by a medical practitioner Ken Crawford.

She revealed that she heard of Crawford in a Facebook group. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage. Chris said they were lucky to discover breast cancer when the mass was just two centimetres in size. The cancer was at the border of stage 1 and stage 2. When she got in touch with Crawford, he told her that there was a herbal treatment mixture that was in its developmental stage.

He also revealed that he developed it after reading nearly 30,000 medical journals. He also claimed that he really believes in the effectiveness of this mixture, because it helped several close friends of his who were diagnosed with cancer.

$17,000 treatment did not work

The treatment cost $17,000. Chris also had to pay for the travel and accommodation expenses of Crawford. This was because he had to come to her house and tell her how to make the concoction. Due to a nondisclosure agreement, Chris cannot reveal the ingredients of the mixture to anyone, including her oncologist.

She had to discontinue the treatment because within 2 weeks, she had lost 10 pounds and was experiencing chronic diarrhoea. She revealed that she felt horrible and nauseated every time she drank it.

Crawford has not refunded the fee to Chris yet. He is also being investigated by the Federal Drug Administration and the Kansas Attorney General’s office.