Breast Cancer Treatment might be possible because of hormones

Cure for Breast Cancer has been a cause of worry. Breast cancer has been the cause of death of several deaths in the US. The National Cancer Institute has released shocking data of deaths because of breast cancer.

In 2018, 266,120 women suffered from it, out of which 41,000 died. This number is huge. Moreover, this also means that out of every eight women in the US, one has breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Looking into brevity of the issue makes it necessary to have a proper treatment. Researchers are trying and testing new ways to cure this.

A new study shows one more factor. This factor can play an important role in the survival of the patient.

According to the study, a hormone might be effective in doing so. A hormone named estrogen helps in predicting the outlook of any person.

Cure for Breast cancer
Source: Jame Network

The outlook of a breast cancer patient for 5 years is about 90 percent. However, these factors are influenced by various other factors. These are stages of cancer and the age of the patient. Moreover, the hormone receptors that are on the cancer cells influence the outlook.

This outlook, however, can also be influenced by a byproduct of estrogen.

The study called “Cure for breast cancer in hormones” was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. This meeting was held at Atlanta.

How will estrogen influence the survival of breast cancer patients?

In the study, urine samples of breast cancer patient were used. This was to measure the levels of two byproducts of estrogen. These are 2-hydroxyestrone, or 2-OHE, and 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone.

Breast Cancer Treatment
Source: Medical News Today

2-hydroxyestrone is also known as the good by-product of estrogen. This is because of the previous studies. From those studies, it is concluded that by increasing the level of this acts protection for the body. This protection is against tumor.

Moreover, 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone is a bad by product of estrogen. This is because it promotes tumor growth. It does so by causing damage to the DNA.

Therefore a ratio of the two will bring a balance. Moreover, if the good byproduct level is more than the bad then chances of survival of the patient is higher.

However, there is more to be done for a 100% sure shot cure for breast cancer. This will be to find out the predictive values of the two byproducts of estrogen. Any assurance of the direction of the study cannot be given at the moment.