Cure for Cancer 2019

Every day there is news about a new cure for Cancer, yet the disease still continues to infect people. The fact is most of the news are about a new treatment method or a new vaccine or some medicine. It opens up a possibility to cure the disease we call as Cancer.

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As of right now, there is no permanent cure for Cancer, just ongoing research. We are in the year 2019 without any Cancer cure, because of so many reasons.

Cancer is of many Types

cure for Cancer


Billions of people on the earth, keep asking the same question each day, ‘Why haven’t we cured Cancer?’ The answer is not that simple, Cancer is a complex illness, having more than 100 types of disease. To find a single cure for all the different types of Cancer virus is near to impossible.

The most common types are blood cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer, which have affected millions of people. Apart from that, there are so many rare types of Cancer illness, which we not even heard of. To cure all types of Cancer will require much widespread research.

It is always Evolving

cure for Cancer

The virus causing Cancer changes the entire structure of the human body at a molecular level. The HPV virus responsible for several types of major cancer infuses itself into our genes at the DNA level. It is so hard to separate them at a later stage, which makes Cancer almost not curable.

The biggest hurdle is to identify the cancer cells from the regular cells and remove them exclusively. Cancer cells always keep changing their looks, hide with our regular body cells, and keep getting aggressive with time. It is the same reason we do not have a cure of HIV/AIDS today.

Research needs more time

cure for Cancer

Even though it is 2019 and medicine and science has advanced so much, we are still limited by the technology of our time. It will take years before we develop a fully functional cancer cure. Researchers are working hard every day, they are getting closer and closer to find a cure for cancer. It will take some more time before we get a breakthrough and find and cure cancer completely.