Why is Rick Grimes leaving The Walking Dead Season 10? Cast shares reasons on exit

The Walking Dead is a show where brutal deaths are just a part and parcel of the show. It has witnessed major deaths in its nine seasons. And now, one of the show’s leading actors has revealed why he will not be returning to the show.

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Which actor will not return to The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead season 9 finale showed some gruesome deaths and the tenth season will most probably serve the same. One of the most unforgettable deaths in season seven was of Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun).


Characters of the show have returned from the grave in various ways previously. But, fans will be disappointed to know that the Yeun has struck out the possibility of returning to the show.

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Yeun spoke to Comicbook.com about his duration on the show and said that he likes finishing things. “Because I rarely finish anything,” Yeun said.

“There is something incredible about finishing the book and dying. So, that’s it for me in The Walking Dead.”

He added that the end of his role on the show has been super satisfying for him. He said that even though he will probably be remembered for that role, he can seal it at a point and be done with it.

What will happen in season 10?

The Walking Dead star cast requirement

Khary Payton (Ezekiel) recently spoke about Alpha’s threat to the Hilltop residents. He says that he is glad that this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing part of The Walking Dead. And he even spared a secret detail from the show. He revealed that there was a wig on Samantha Morton’s head but we could never see it because she would always wear the hat.

Now that Ezekiel is on the front line of the show, he might be in line to die in the upcoming episodes.

The tenth season of The Walking Dead will premiere on Fox and AMC in October 2019.