The Walking Dead actor Avi Nash might have accidentally revealed that Rosita is pregnant with a boy. Avi Nash plays the role of Siddiq and Christian Serratos plays Rosita. Nash had appeared at the Walker Stalker Con London with his co-stars Josh McDermitt, Seth Gilliam and Ross Marquand. And they were asked to visualize the deaths of their characters. So, all these questions had prompted Seth Gilliam to provide a peaceful death to Father Gabriel.

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Will Siddiq have a son in The Walking Dead Season 10 ?

Nash had started saying that he would want his ‘son’ to enter Father Gabriel’s room… Oops! He just revealed the sex of the unborn child of Rosita. But, Nash quickly tried to defend his statement, “I don’t know. My son or daughter, whatever they want to be.” Nash explained that he said this statement as an Arab Muslim doctor, who wants to have a son. So, he finished his claim by saying, “And bid goodbye to Father Gabriel and also to me, because even I will be dying of a broken heart.”

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The Love Quadrangle

The Walking Dead season nine premiere had revealed that Rosita was pregnant with Siddiq’s child. Now, she has been paired in a romantic relationship with Father Gabriel. Angela Kang, the show runner has revealed that Siddiq, Rosita, Father Gabriel and Eugene are trapped in a ‘love quadrangle’. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) had jokingly referred to Father Gabriel as ‘Father-Not the father’ and Siddiq as ‘Dr. Baby Daddy’.

The Walking Dead season 10

Kang said that they had to develop this quadrangle in TWD season 10 to make the story more interesting. “We need to play with these characters and how they figure their way out,” she said. Also, she had previously said that The Walking Dead will go through a time jump in the tenth season. And it will probably show the events after Rosita has already given birth to her child. Denise Huth, who is the Executive Producer said, “I’m really happy that Rosita is pregnant. That way she did not end up on a spike.”