Boruto chapter 35 is going to release soon and it will be an exciting one. The Kawaki arc is going to get more interesting in the upcoming chapter. The story will continue after the surprise entry of Kurama. And this will probably explain the Nine-Tails warning that Kawaki had received.

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Boruto Chapter 35 release date and spoilers

What happened in the previous chapter?

The last scene in the previous chapter ended with the unexpected confrontation between Kurama and Kawaki. Kawaki was determined to med the vase that he had destroyed previously in the arc. This situation is pretty metaphorical in nature.

Because fixing the vase represents how Kawaki is fixing himself as a person while he is staying with the Uzumaki family. But, while looking for a piece of the vase, Kawaki ends up in Naruto’s room. Naruto was asleep at that time. But, Kurama appeared in front of Kawaki and reminded him that he must never leave Naruto’s side. So, Boruto Chapter 35 might be the start of a previously foreshadowed danger looming over Kawaki.

Boruto Chapter 35 spoilers and release date

So obviously, Kawaki is in danger because of Jigen. He is hell-bent on fulfilling his mission of making vessels with the seal of karma. But, Naruto might also be the one in danger because they have to face the Kara organization in the near future. So, we are hoping the Boruto Chapter 35 will provide the necessary answers.

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On the other hand, Naruto and the other leaders of the Hidden Leaf do not seem to have much idea about the karma seal. So, this makes their forthcoming confrontation with the Kara organization even more deadly. Now, Jigen knows that Boruto possesses the karma seal after he defeated Momoshiki Otsutsuki. So, that definitely makes Boruto a person of interest for Jigen. So, the upcoming chapter might show Kara’s new plan to capture Kawaki and Boruto

Boruto Chapter 35 spoilers release date

Boruto Chapter 35 is going to release on 10 June 2019.