Boruto’ Chapter 35- Predictions, Spoilers and Release Date Delay

There’s a possibility that Boruto chapter 35 will give us all answers. It’s pretty much clear now that Kara’s Organization is the main adversary to Boruto and Naruto in the manga. However, the origin and identities of the members and leader Jigen are vague until now.

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Boruto’ Chapter 35 Predictions

Boruto’ Chapter 35- Predictions

The last chapter was pretty laid back with no fighting sequences. However, it brought fans to the lair of Kara and had some scenes where readers saw the members communicating. This could be hinting at events focusing more at Kara from Boruto chapter 35.

In the following case, fans will also learn more about Kara’s members, more significantly it starting from Boruto 35 manga, they will be featured more often. Until now, the manga has been pretty secretive about the backstories. Jigen has a seal of Karma which means he defeated an Otsutsuki clan member. It’s been known that he will produce clones that may carry a copy of the seal of karma, which is the sole purpose of Kawaki.

Boruto’ Chapter 35 Spoilers

Boruto’ Chapter 35- Spoilers

However, in Boruto chapter 34, we came to know numerous things about Kara and the members. For instance, we came to know that Delta has two more spare bodies and thanks to Amado, she’s using the latter one after the drone of hers got back to the Kara headquarters. However, fans can’t wait to learn about Koji Kashin in Boruto chapter 35.

Koji is alone undergoing surveillance and recon at Hidden Leaf. His face is mostly hidden by his mask which may reveal something in the forthcoming chapters. Foremost, his chakra didn’t come as someone who’s an outsider which means that he was once resident at Hidden Leaf. He remains aloof and undiscovered even after the whole area went on an alert. Fans will have to wait to see if that changes in Boruto chapter 35.

Boruto’ Chapter 35: Release Date Delay

Boruto 35 will not come out until June which means that the series shall skip a whole month. Boruto chapter 35 will be out on June 10.