Boruto chapter 34 is going to arrive in a few days and this post is going to help you get some insight on it. We know that Delta is defeated. So, this will give us a lot of insight into Kara. We still need to figure out Kashin Koji is planning out in Konohagakure. 

Spoilers for Boruto chapter 34

Boruto chapter 33 was titled ‘Exceeding the limits’ and it has been one of the best ones. Delta was treating Kawaki like an object and hence, Naruto didn’t take it well.

Naruto attacked her with a lot of Rasengans which were getting bigger in size. Delta managed to absorb a lot of them but she finally reached her limit.

Boruto Chapter 34 spoilers

It was revealed in the previous chapter that the previous arc has ended. According to the spoilers, Boruto chapter 34 is going to be the beginning of a new arc. This has ensured the Delta’s defeat and also given us the clue that Koshin Koji is not going to come to rescue her, for the time being.

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Delta is going to be imprisoned and tortured for information. On the other hand, Koji is going to stay put and observe everything. He will make a move when there is an opportunity.

Also, Koji is going to let Konohagakure extract some intel about Kara. But, he will ensure to return Delta to Jigen to earn their trust. On the positive side, Kawaki is going to receive a hearty welcome into the Uzumaki family.

Boruto Chapter 34 release date and raw scans

Boruto Chapter 34 release date

The official release date of Boruto Chapter 34 is 22 April 2019. But, the fans can expect the digital scans to be out by 19 April 2019. Raw scans will be out a few days before then.