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Boruto 33 Chapter Spoilers Manga: Naruto attacks Delta

Boruto Manga Chapter 33 Spoilers – Delta Is Defeated

The time of the spoilers for Boruto 33 chapter is here. So far, we’ve seen Delta being a good opponent despite the attitude she has which could often be rough and bossy. She managed to go on against Naruto in chapter 32 of Boruto and is also seen adept with the Taijutsu, helmed with the absorption of chakra and lastly, her attack is absolutely destructive.

But in the upcoming chapter of Boruto, Delta will witness why Naruto is so great at what he does.

Boruto 33 chapter: Story so far…

Boruto Chapter 33 Story so far

Chapter 33 of Boruto will begin with Delta and Boruto fighting against Taijutsu. Kawaki will be persuaded by Kawaki to return in order to heal his hand, but Naruto will again lecture her for how her organisation cannot lay a finger to his family.

After fighting again, Delta will find Naruto tired and breathless. She may plan to kill him using an eyeball attack once Naruto is at close range.

Boruto 33 chapter spoilers

Boruto Chapter 33 Spoilers

As one may expect, Naruto will try to charge up again according to Boruto 33 chapter spoilers, prompting Delta to laser attack him. However, Naruto will see through this trick and escape, nullifying the attack using the Odama Rasengan. The attack got absorbed by Delta as she used her eyes, but Naruto went after her by feeding her more of his chakra by forming a Chou Odama.

While Boruto knows his father got a plan, Kawaki finds it useless. But Naruto was just testing how much Chakra could be absorbed by Delta. After two or more of Rasengan, the eye of Delta breaks down giving her a lot of pain. She also loses her access to the ninja tool.

Then, Naruto attacks Delta using a ‘Chou Chou Odama Rasengan’. After dealing with this attack, Delta is shown lifeless in chapter 33 of Boruto. We can then see Naruto exiting the chakra mode. Kawaki grins a bit, while Naruto just smiles.

And that’s all we have for Chapter 33 of Boruto and it’s spoilers.

Written by Vasu Sharma

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