Chapter 32 of Boruto was among the best we’ve gotten in recent times and now we sneak peek into Boruto Chapter 33 details. The entire chapter has been very nice throughout in terms of quality, ever since the beginning of Ao arc, and obviously, all of us have loved it until now.

We have seen Naruto battling Delta in the past. Yet again, when Naruto went up against Delta, he stopped himself a lot, just to see what Delta has in his store.

Boruto Chapter 33: Details and Plot

Boruto Chapter 33: Plot and Details

Even after that, Naruto proved way more powerful for Delta. Delta couldn’t cause many problems but apart from his lightspeed beam of destruction, nothing caused much damage to Naruto. Naruto’s plan was to get beaten and tempt Delta to use all her powers so that he gets to know her better and the tech that’s used to be Kara.

Naruto also wanted Delta to waste all her shots and drain her chakra, thereby capturing her. However, everything got kinda ugly soon, and thanks to Boruto, Himawari almost died. She was saved by Kawaki and now Naruto and Delta’s fight is going in its final stage. So here’s what may take place in the forthcoming chapter of Boruto manga.

Boruto Chapter 33: Spoilers: Kashin Koji vs Naruto?

Boruto Chapter 33- Spoilers- Kashin Koji vs Naruto?

We believe that the whole fight will be over here or Delta will fall out of options in Boruto chapter 33. After going after Himawari, Naruto is not expected to show any restraint. He may be countered by Delta, but will fail as if Naruto got rogue, it’s all done for her. Fortunately for Delta, the children are there, and Naruto can’t go out which means she might have a better opportunity.

I believe Naruto will end the fight in the upcoming chapter and we may then see the interception of Kashin Koji, taking Delta back. We might get to see Naruto fighting Koji, and this may create more doubts about Koji being Jiraya in the minds of readers. That’s how we feel chapter 33 of Boruto will fare.

Boruto Chapter 33: Release Date

Chapter 33 of Boruto will release on March 25, 2019.

Boruto Chapter 33: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans of Boruto Chapter 33 will be out on March 22.

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