The next chapter of the Boruto manga, Boruto Chapter 34 is coming closer to its release now. Fans just witnessed one of the most explosive finishes to what we might describe as the most worthy fight until now, we are all looking forward to more similar stuff.

We’ve all come a long-long way since the end of the movie arc, and now the plot has started to get really interesting and nice.

Boruto Chapter 34 spoilers and predictions

Boruto Chapter 34: Predictions

In the last Boruto chapter 33, we witnessed the end to an amazing arc, where Naruto Uzumaki managed to defeat Delta. We don’t know anything about the whereabouts of Kashin Koji and the forthcoming chapter will probably throw more light upon him.

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Before we get started with the article on Boruto Chapter 34, we’d like you to know that this article may have some spoilers from Boruto series. You may come across some details which you may be avoiding, so, if that’s what it is, you may avoid going any further with this article. However, if you’re a Boruto fan who wants to know more and spoilers don’t really affect you, we may begin with Boruto 34.

Boruto Chapter 34 Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 34- Spoilers

The fight has finished now, and as per the last page of Boruto chapter 33, the whole arc is about to conclude now. This means we may get to learn more about Kashin Koji along with Kara.

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We believe that Kashin Koji will end up showing and saving Delta from being held captive. This will start a Koji-Naruto fight. And, according to some Boruto chapter 34 spoilers, it is possible that fans may get to see Kashin Koji becoming Jiraiya again. He may not be Jiraiya actually, but Ikemoto loves teasing that for some weird reason.

Meanwhile, it’s time for Konoha to gather a search team, with some help from the other villages, in order to seek the whereabouts of Kara. It could be dangerous to allow them to do what they are doing and this could be an important step. The spoilers have hardly pointed anything towards development of Team 7, and fans would love to see them fighting again in Boruto chapter 34.

Boruto Chapter 34: Release Date

Boruto chapter 34 will be out on April 22, 2019.

Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans of Boruto chapter 34 will be out around April 19.