Chapter 33 of Boruto manga will mark an end to an ongoing fight between Naruto and Delta, which was something to savour for. It’s evident that Ikemoto is getting better as he goes on more mangaka adventures, although he does have flaws that he needs to address over time.

Boruto: Story So far…

Boruto Story So far

But as he is improving, we aren’t really worried. All that bothers us about Boruto is the absurd chapter paneling. We feel that 40 pages of Boruto can give us way more than we all can see and that is going to reveal that a lot of space is wasted by Ikemoto.

Even the illustrations made by him turn out as weird as he doesn’t head for a double spread when he needed to and drawing ends up looking just weird. Chapter 33’s combat was cool but if one compares it to chapter 32, we may find many similarities. However, we all enjoyed it a lot. Naruto and his greatness is always loved and appreciated by fans. Now let’s just talk about Boruto Chapter 34 now.

Boruto Chapter 34 spoilers manga

Boruto Chapter 34 Spoilers

The ending of Boruto chapter 33 manga hinted at the arc’s end in the last text. We believe that the next Boruto chapter might be a buffer chapter. We will see Kashin Koji at the beginning and looking at what had happened, we believe he will decide to go to Jigen and tell what happened over taking a life risk and taking Kawaki. We will see Jigen reacting in a morbid way to the news and we believe that the arc will show a villain from Kara for Boruto and company.

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The preview arc didn’t focus much on Mitsuki and Sarada. But however, we believe that the new arc will shed a lot of light on them. They need to adjust Kawaki in the middle too and maybe he stays with Naruto the Whole time. We feel that a mission arc or a visit to a village could be really interesting to see in Boruto chapter 34.

We will see what’s coming our way as chapter 34 of Boruto ends. We are sure that the next one will mostly discuss Kawaki, Naruto and Boruto. We may even see Kara coming as a threat in Boruto chapter 34.

Boruto Chapter 34: Release Date

Chapter 34 of Boruto will be out on April 22. Raw scans will release on April 19, 2019.