Amazon Prime Day 2019 date sale offer deal

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Sale is one of the biggest discount sales for this year. Last month’s Memorial Day sale was huge, but reports predict that Prime Day sale will break all records. Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon has geared up all of his employees to stay ready for their biggest sale ever.

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As of today, the Amazon sale is just a month away, and the dates can be announced anytime soon. Here are the most probable dates for Prime day 2019 sale and ways to get the best offers and discounts.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Schedule

Amazon stated the first ever prime day sale way back in 2015 in the month of July. After the success of the first sale, Amazon made it an annual event, which turned a major key player in their position today. Given how every year, the prime day sale happens in the month of July at around the second week.

As per major reports, this year’s Prime day sale will start from July 12 to July 15. Amazon is smart enough to start the sale from Friday so maximum people on weekend holidays take part in and do shopping. Also, each year the duration of the sale is increased, it won’t be a surprise if this year’s sale lasts for more than 72 hours

How to get the Best offers for Free?

Amazon Prime benefits

The main reason behind starting the prime day sale was to increase awareness about Amazon Prime and gain more subscribers. Amazon Prime service offers one-day delivery services, Amazon music, and Prime videos at a minimum subscription rate of $ 12.99 per month or $ 119 per year. This is why Prime users get special deals, more discounts and extra early time in the Prime day sale.

Since Amazon offers a 30-day free trial, it would be smart to subscribe to Prime services a few days before the sale starts, enjoy the benefits of discounts and offers. Also, it would be wise to make a list of items you need and shop with friends and family members to avail the higher bill discounts.