Amazon Prime Day 2019 date, deals and offers

Amazon has been such a widespread name that almost everyone has heard it and used their services, whether its Amazon delivery, Amazon music or Prime videos. Amazon has been such a successful brand that it made Jeff Bezos the world’s richest man with a net worth of $145.3 billion.

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The reason for Amazon’s popularity is the attractive offers and regular sales. Amazon had record-breaking deals during its Black Friday sale, and it looks the next Amazon Prime Sale is going to be even bigger. Reports are suggesting that Amazon Prime Day 2019 will be held in July next month, all over the world.

Amazon Prime Day: What do we know so Far?Amazon Prime Day 2019 date, deals and offers

Amazon started Primed day Sale back in 2015 as a way to attract more customers to subscribe to its Prime Services, which was surprising that the numbers of deals and offers that turned out during that. After that Amazon started doing annual sales, including Cyber Monday and Black Friday in between.

Last year, a record 89 million customers logged into Amazon during Prime Day Sale and bought more than 100 million products. The Sale lasted 36 hours and even included local grocery products. Amazon Prime members get special deals, and extra time compared too regular customers.

Amazon Prime Day: Dates and Offers

Amazon Prime Day 2019 date, deals and offers

Amazon hasn’t announced any date for this year’s Prime Day, but based on previous years and current reports, it is expected to happen sometime in the next month of July 2019. It could happen somewhere between 8 July and 16 July and for a longer duration compared to last year based on speculations, though Amazon will announce the dates just before a week or so.

The top deals will be on Electric items which are sold most during the Sale dates, along with Security Systems, Home Assistants and electric cooking Appliances. Amazon’s own products such as Fire Stick and Alexa Assistant are the one having the most amount of discount.

Amazon Prime Day Sale: How to get the best Deals?

Amazon Prime Day 2019 date, deals and offers

The first thing to prepare for the Sale is to subscribe to Amazon Prime day a few days before the Sale starts. Amazon offers one month free trial for first-time users, which can be opted from their official Website. Prime members have the best deals and earlier access to Sale items.

Prepare a list of the items that you want to buy in advance so that it saves your time and you can choose without any hesitation. If you are having another friend or family member along who wants to buy something, add those things to your cart, as higher bills have higher discounts.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 date, deals and offers

While the Prime day is a hell lot of problematic for Amazon employees, with increased traffics, work overload and large aggravated conditions, for us customers it will be fully beneficial. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Amazon updates and other news.