One of the most crucial jobs that practically every employee must do is finding the right work-life balance. In fact, in order to recharge your batteries and avoid emotional exhaustion, there should always be a balance between hard work and rest. Yet, not everyone genuinely believes this.

If someone chooses to actively forego their own rest while working hard, that is their own decision. When someone interferes with another person’s ability to unwind after work, as happened once with Reddit user u/Jdawger_, it is entirely another problem.

After a shift at the hotel’s front desk, the author of this post once made the decision to unwind at the neighborhood bar.

One of the customers reported the hotel’s “extremely bad choice of employees” after observing him downing shots.

Nonetheless, the manager agreed with the author and spoke to the customer, who agreed that front desk personnel shouldn’t drink, even when not on duty.

Corporate took down the review, and the haughty renter was eventually added to the “Do Not Rent” list.

The Original Posting (OP) claims that he has been working at the hotel’s front desk for more than three years and that during this time, he has never received any unfavorable feedback except for one instance that occurred a few years ago, while the post’s author was still a college student.

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According to the author, he made the decision to meet pals at the campus bar after his day shift in order to decompress. The man didn’t change into a different outfit; instead, he just removed his nametag and any other identifying features from his appearance. He continued to wear his black jeans and a checkered long-sleeve shirt to cut a long tale short. The OP and his buddies enjoyed themselves while drinking beer and taking shots, and then his roommate drove him and his car back to their apartment.

A few days later, it was discovered that a hotel visitor whom the OP had spoken to earlier that day at the front desk had written a bad review, alleging that “a member of the hotel staff was drinking at the bar.” When the manager questioned the author of the article, he said that everything in it was accurate but that he was resting after hours and had taken off any clothing that would have given away his affiliation with the hotel.

It turned out that the client only recognized the front desk agent’s face, and she said that she was adamant that persons in this position shouldn’t use alcohol at all, either at work or in their own time. But the OP’s manager disagreed, and corporate erased the review, added the entitled visitor to the DNR list, and personally invited the post’s author to the same pub that night, even offering to pay for the first round.

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The client only recognized the front desk agent’s face, and she asserted that people in this position should abstain from alcohol entirely, whether it be during work hours or on their personal time. The OP’s manager disagreed, and after corporate removed the review and put the entitled visitor on the DNR list, they personally invited the author of the post to the same bar that evening and even offered to pay for the first round.

Most commenters defended the author, saying he had every right to unwind following his shift.