A customer tried to get more alcohol in his drink by telling the bartender not to put any ice in it. The bartender called him out on it and told the customer not to do that.

This week, Jemima June, who works at a club in Nashville, Tennessee, posted a TikTok of customer interaction. This led to fights in the comments.

A partygoer can be heard asking for a tequila cranberry with “no ice” in the video that has since been seen more than 7.3 million times.

They asked again for no ice, and Jemima told them it had been taken care of. Then they asked:

Do you want a DOUBLE tequila cranberry?

Just cause you say no ice doesn’t mean you’re gonna get more alcohol,

she explained.

Double, that means you’re gonna get more alcohol.

Most people agreed with her, but a few said she was giving them the “side eye” and that they would rather have their drinks less cold.

OK but sometimes we just want more drink, not more alcohol, so we don’t finish our mainly cup of ice in 5 seconds,

one wrote.

Lol when you literally just don’t want your drink getting watery,

another added.

A third person quipped:

Lemme get no ice without the attitude.

But many people agreed with Jemima and said that it was clear that the customer was “pulling a fast one.”

The people in the comments pressed about this would NEVER survive as a bartender,

one commenter remarked.

This is so accurate.


Us bartenders know exactly what no ice means,

a second person added.

You knew instantly your face you’re like okay no ice got it.

They also said that Jemima was very nice, even though the customer was yelling instructions over and over again.

Y’all are trippin she was nice about that,

one user penned.

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Another TikToker said:

As a bartender in a HIGH VOLUME setting this is not even being rude. It gets frustrating being yelled at when you are doing what they ask.

The ppl saying you have an attitude clearly have never worked in the industry,

a third reassured.

It happens CONSTANTLY & these customers need to be lectured.

Some people were surprised that the point had to be made again.

Blows my mind that we still have to say this,

one added.

Jemima has about 975,400 followers on TikTok, and her videos about bartending have been liked more than 43.6 million times.

She has gone viral in the past because of how quickly she can open beer bottles. Once, she opened five bottles in less than three seconds.