One piece is the longest-running anime in anime history. The manga was written by Eiichiro Oda and produced by Toei Animation. The article will discuss all the theories fans predicted and how the manga/anime may end.

One-piece manga and popularity

Since July 1997, the manga has been featured in Shueisha’s shōnen magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump. With its chapters compiled into 104 tankōbon volumes as of November 2022. The anime began airing in 1999 on Fuji Tv and has completed 1000 episodes since. The writer left as many clues and secrets as possible in the manga. This has created a base for fans to develop theories about how the anime might end. Most fan theories center on the Devil Fruits, the Final War, and the Ancient Kingdom.

The author created a diverse universe with good plots and sub-plots to keep his reader base engaged for over a decade. So many fan theories, memes, fan fiction, movies, and social media pages were created by the fans to celebrate their favorite writer and the anime. The anime follows Strawhat Kid called Monkey D Luffy in his adventures to become the pirate king and find the One piece treasure.

The Ancient kingdom

This theory states that Luffy will use the devil fruit’s abilities to return to the past. Kuma’s, Bonney’s, and Luffy’s Devil fruits combined give him the ability to travel back in time. u/gohdroger, a Reddit user who revealed this in a post, also mentioned explicit details. The new power that helps Luffy go back in the past is called “the true awakening.”

Luffy will meet Im and Dyras. Im and Dyras are said to be the princes of the Ancient Kingdom. Dyras will become Joyboy. Im sees Luffy’s straw hat, not his face, which leads Im to chase Shanks in the present. Im defeats Joyboy and starts a purging process that most are aware of as the present plot of One piece.

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The final war

The final war would happen when Blackbeard and Ref-haired Shanks meet. This fight between them would lead to Shank’s death. The sequence of the battle is unknown. But it is said that the Pluton, a large warship, will be discovered. Blackbeard will attempt to capture and absorb that ship. The Kairoseki coating on the ship’s body will prevent Blackbeard from absorbing it completely. Im is said to join forces with Blackbeard.

The decisive conflict-ending encounter between Blackbeard and Luffy is anticipated. After the Strawhat Pirates Captain successfully drags Blackbeard into dreamland, the two will fight in combat there; Blackbeard will lose the battle and fall into an endless sleep.

One Piece ending anime manga
Red-haired shanks from One piece.

Devil fruits 

Long before the ancient kingdom, the world had a hostile climate. Some people from space carried seeds to this world and grew them. These seeds were called the tree of Adam and Eve. The fruits produced by these trees were the outcome of human emotions during adversity. The users of these fruits were called the God of the Sun, the God of earth, the God of Rain, and the God of Forests. They could sustain, live, produce, and nurture. As human meets got met, the needs turned to greed resulting in fruits that had unpleasant attitudes. These fruits were called the devil fruits.

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One Piece ending anime manga
Luffy ate the devil fruit (The Gum Gum fruit) as a kid.

Theorists believe that the God of the sun is Luffy. The God of rain is Dragon, and the other two are still unknown. Devil in this world is, of course, Blackbeard. Once the red line is destroyed, all devil fruit users will strongly desire to return to the soil just as their fruits were formed. Luffy will wish for the return of all Devil fruits and thus put an end to it.