The Last Of Us is a series based on the 2013 action video game of the same name published by Naughty Boy. How old are the main characters, Ellie and Joel, in the show?

Joe and Ellie The Last of Us
Joe and Ellie in the video game and the Actors who portray them in the show

The Last of Us Series – Game and HBO Show 

The Creator of the 2019 HBO hit series “Chernobyl,” Craig Mazin, first played the critically acclaimed game “The Last Of US” in 2013. He was very impressed by the game and instantly thought the game would be good for a Television adaptation. Mazin probably didn’t expect that, ten years later, he would be the one adapting the video game into a television series. The transformation was made with the co-creator of the game Neil Druckmann.

The Last Of Us
Craig Mazin & Neil Druckmann

The first Episode aired on January 15 on HBO. It instantly became a hit among the fans and garnered new fans who didn’t play the game. It became the second most watched pilot streamed after House of Dragons. The fans were happy that the adaptation stayed faithful to the game, almost to the T. The TV series creator recently gave an interview to the Washington Post talking about the show.

Brief Synopsis

The series starts in 2003, with an introduction to Joel (Pedro Pascal) and his daughter 14yo Sarah (Nico Parker). Sarah is killed in a zombie apocalypse while escaping with Joel and Tommy (Joel’s younger brother), played by Gabriel Luna. 20 years later, Joel runs an illegal freelance smuggling business with his friend Tess (Anna Torv). They are asked to smuggle a girl by the name of Ellie (Bella Ramsey) by the leader of fireflies Marlene (Merle Dandridge).

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Pascal and Ramsey as Joel and Ellie

While the creators have remained faithful to most things in the series, they made changes here and there. Especially when it came to the characters’ ages and the time in which the events occur.

How old are Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us series? How old are Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal?

In the game, it is shown that Joel is born on September 26, 1981. The video game began in 2013, making Joel 31yo, and in 20 years later timeline, in 2033, he is 51yo.

In the TV adaptation, Joel is said to be born on September 26, 1967, and the events start in 2003, not 2013. This would make Joel 36yo in 2003 and 56yo in the 2023 timeline. His age is confirmed in the prologue, the events of which take place on his birthday on September 26. He is seen joking with his daughter about how old he is getting.

This could have been partially due to the lead actor Pedro Pascal (47yo) being easier to pass off as he ages 10 years younger and older than his actual age. There were no changes done to Ellie’s character in the series. She was 14yo in the video game and 14yo in the TV adaptation. The actress who plays Ellie in the TV series, Bella Ramsey, is 19yo in real life.

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The series’ second episode will air on January 22, 2023,, and will be available on HBO Max and Disney+.

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