Vikings season 6 cast spoilers

Vikings season 6 is about to be released while Ragnar Lothbrok left Vikings long back. King Aelle killed him brutally, but is there a possibility that one of his sons maybe roaming around. Will we get to see him in the finale season?

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The show will come to an end this year and the fans are still not ready to digest the fact. After seeing so many deaths, it won’t be easy to take some more. Ragnar Lothbrok was the protagonist of the show for many years, but he was killed off eventually in the fourth season. His sons, Bjorn and Ivar, took the spotlight after his death.

Vikings season 6 spoilers release date
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Vikings Season 6 Spoilers and Rumours

Power got Lothbrok’s sons into several savage battles. It is no spoiler that the ongoing feud will certainly come to an end in Vikings season 6. The fans are wondering if they will get to see some new characters this season. They believe that one of the long-lost of children of Ragnar may surface during the final moments.

Some fans also suspect that shield maiden will finally meet the maker in Vikings season 6. As she is the longest-running member on the show, she is expected to die soon. One of the fans asked,

What if Ragnar has another b*****d son who will join Ivar in the next season and will eventually kill Lagertha?

Vikings season 6 spoilers cast
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This may not seem likely right now, Ivar is expected to venture to Russia soon and meet up with his father’s another son. If this happens, will they conspire to kill off Lagertha? According to another spoiler theory, Hvitserk may end up killing Lagertha.

We will soon get to find out who kills whom in Vikings season 6.