Vikings season 6 release date cast spoilers

Viking season 6 is being awaited by fans ever since the latest episode of the series aired last year.  And it appears that the stars of the show cannot keep calm either.

McEvoy and Asjborn speak about Vikings season 6

In a recent interview, Jack McEvoy, who plays Helgi the Lean, and Elijah Rowen, who plays Asbjorn in the hit History channel drama spoiled that Vikings season 6 will feature some ‘interesting turns’ for characters in the upcoming season. They also mentioned that they do not know how the season wraps up.

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The cast was cornered when they were at the launch of Empress Mimi Lingerie’s Spring campaign. Rowen did not seem bothered that he did not know the fate of his character. He said,

“I’m very happy to not have a clue and not attempt to predict. I know there will be a lot of funky things that we never would have guessed as good writing always entails.”

Jack McEvoy expressed similar sentiments. He said,

“To be honest, I really, really do not know. I don’t have any idea. We’ve seen the show take so many curve balls and interesting turns that you just don’t know what they’re going to come up with next.”

What can we expect from Vikings season 6

Vikings Season 6 cast spoilerVikings has been focusing on the war for the throne for several seasons now, and fans can expect the battle to continue. We can also expect to learn more about Floki’s future now, who is predicted to be part of a huge twist this season. After the death of the Seer at the hands of Ivar,

Floki could be a potential candidate to become the successor. Ragnar Lothbrok could also be returning after his brutal death in Season 4.

We will just have to wait and watch what is in store for our favourite characters. Vikings season 6 returns on Amazon Prime and History channel this year.