Vikings Season 6 Jon Snow

Vikings season 6 is ready to be released this year and fans are eager to see how things work out for the main characters after events of the last season. Only a few episodes are left for the show to reach its culmination, and that is why speculations are on the rise about what could be the fate of this historical drama.

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Things are going to be tough for Bjorn, played by Alexander Ludwig as war looms ahead for him against Ivar The Boneless, played by Alexander Hogh Andersen.

McEvoy and Rowen spill beans on crossover with GoT

Vikings Season 6 cast Jon SnowBut something else more interesting could be on the horizon for fans of this legendary show. Jack McEvoy, who plays Helgi the Lean, and Elijah Rowen, who plays Asbjorn Recently spilled beans about the last few episodes of the show. The characters played by both actors are dead in the show, so they don’t have any information about the finale and what happens to the rest of the cast.

In friendly banter with a UK based publication, the two actors said that there might be a crossover event upcoming in Vikings season 6, which will introduce characters from the epic HBO saga, Game of Thrones.

Is Jon Snow coming to Kattegat in Vikings season 6

Vikings season 6 cast Jon SnowTalking to showrunner Michael Hirst, Jack said,

“Why don’t we have Jon Snow try and rule the kingdom and have this cross platform worlds where these two great shows collide and all the vikings – good, bad or indifferent – must stand together against the villainous Game of Thrones?”

But we do think that he was just jesting. As hilarious as it would be to see Jon Snow arrive with Dany to Kattegat, it just doesn’t seem likely.

For more information, we will just have to wait, as Vikings season 6 returns on Amazon Prime later this year.