Vikings Season 6 Details

Vikings is one of the most thrilling history-based dramas on TV. Sadly, it was announced in January that Vikings would end after Season 6. However, fans still have at least one more year with the show. Given that Vikings Season 5 just ended, there is a lot of excitement about the upcoming sixth season.

Let us take a closer look at Sixth season of Vikings  – the characters who are going to appear on the show, the plot of the sixth season – and the release date. Here’s everything that we know about Vikings Season 6.

Vikings Season 6 Release Date
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Vikings Season 6 Release Date

The sixth and final season of Vikings is all set to come out later this year. As of this writing, the date has not been officially announced. However, the lack of a date is not surprising given that Season 5 ended just over two weeks ago.

However, given how Vikings has done it for the past two seasons (in four parts), we expect Vikings Season 6 to air in November 2019. As of this writing we’re not sure if the show plans to release it in 10-episode batches like the last two times. If they do that, the show might run till early 2022. A promo for the sixth season has been released:

Vikings Season 6 Characters and Cast

All the major characters are expected to be a part of the sixth and the final season of Vikings. Apart from the regulars such as Logertha and Rollo, we are likely to see some new characters as well. Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky is joining Vikings in the sixth season as Oleg of Novogorod. Bjorne and Ubbe are also expected to be a part of Vikings Season 6.

Vikings Season 6 Plot
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Vikings Season 6 Storyline and Plot

With regards to the story of the upcoming season – the season 5 finale has proven to be rather interesting. Warning: Season 5 spoilers ahead: Bjorn is now the king, Logartha is back, Ivar has left eastwards. This sets up a calm start to the storm that’s going to be Season 6.

Rollo, who has been missing from the last nine episodes is expected to be a major character in Vikings Season 6. After Vikings goes off the air after season 6, Rollo is expected to star in his spinoff series. It would be interesting to see how it all ends!

Vikings Season 6 Characters
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