Vikings Season 6 is nearing its dramatic conclusion and the last few episodes are under wraps. But, amidst all this secrecy, a major spoiler might have got leaked. The final episodes are expected to be really thrilling and might contain some moments of heartbreak too. Many characters have been killed off in the past five season of Vikings.

Vikings Season 6: Is Lagertha Going to Die?

Leaked image of Vikings Season 6

Apparently, there was a leaked image (screenshot) of Vikings Season 6 which shows an emotional funeral scene. The commemoration of the death is being done by adorning the boat with decorations and flowers. So, whose funeral could it be?

A Reddit post has noted that this could be the funeral of Shield Maiden Lagertha. The character is played by Katheryn Winnick. The image was posted by the username of AfefKastalli. The caption of the image stated that the person also believes that this is Lagertha’s funeral and not Bjorn’s. And apparently, her shields are are put on the sides of the boat.

Vikings Season 6: Is Lagertha Going to Die?

What have the fans predicted about Lagertha?

After the image was posted, a lot of fans took to Reddit to throw light on this subject. Lagertha is to direct the eighth episode of the show. Hence, many people have predicted that Lagertha will die before the eighth episode of Vikings Season 6.

Another user commented that it was clearly Lagertha’s funeral because Bjorn has his own shield.

On the other hand, Hvitserk, played by Marco Ilso, will see many battles in Vikings Season 6. Marco had posted an image on his Instagram handle where we can see Hvitserk prepping up for an intense fight. But, could this be his final battle? And if it is, will he survive it?