Vikings Season 6 Release Date

Vikings Season 6 is all set to be the final season of the historical drama, the creators of the show have confirmed. Having been around since 2013 – it is one of the longest running shows in the genre. It has entertained millions for seven years, but it is finally coming to an end. There will be no Season 7 for Vikings.

Vikings Season 6 is still a long time away as Vikings Season 5 just ended. However, here’s everything we know about the upcoming season so far.

Vikings Season 6 Vikings Season 7
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Vikings Season 6 Release Date

Given that Vikings Season 5 ended in January 2019, it is too early to comment on when a sixth season would come out. However, our best guess would be that Vikings Season 6 would go on air late in the November of 2019. This assumption is based on the calendar that the show has been following for the past three years.

Vikings Season 6 What to Expect
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Vikings Season 6: What to Expect

Vikings, over the past two seasons, has had 20 episodes per season (released over two years). If the show intends to follow a similar pattern, Vikings Season 6 might conclude by January 2021. This would give the creators of Vikings enough time to work on the much-rumoured sequel to the show. This spin-off is likely to focus on the character of Rollo.

Vikings Season 6 Last Season
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Why was Vikings Season 7 Cancelled?

The creators of the show believe that the entire story has run its course. Everything that needed to be conveyed has been conveyed and hence there is no point in dragging the show. Instead of Vikings Season 7, however, we might just get to see a spin-off show soon!

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