Goldberg vs Undertaker is the dream match we never had! While both these legends are well into their 50s, they continue to be a nostalgia act which fans love to see every now and then. The two are all set to clash at WWE’s latest Saudi Arabia event which will take place later this summer.

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The Undertaker vs Goldberg: First Time Ever

Undertaker has been synonymous with the WWE for over 25 years now. Goldberg has been the face of WCW while it lasted. Goldberg joined WWE in the early 2000s and made his return a couple of years ago – however, he never really faced off against the deadman apart from one brief opportunity in the Royal Rumble.

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However, the two are going to fight for the first time during WWE’s latest tour of Saudi Arabia. Here’s a closer look at when and how you can watch this match.

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How To Watch the Match?

This match between Undertaker vs Goldberg is one that we all want! The easiest way to watch this is by logging on to the WWE Network during the event! Just in case you do not have the subscription to WWE, there’s an alternative way.

Goldberg vs Undertaker how to watch online
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If the network or your country does not support it, you can still watch it on TV if your cable operator has a deal with the WWE. There are other ways to watch it as well – for instance by purchasing the Pay Per View event. Watch out because this match will take place on Friday, June the 7th.

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