UFC 242 Conor McGregor

The most controversial name in UFC of late, Conor McGregor is all set to make his return later this year. While he has been getting in trouble by various antics such as punching an old man or by getting arrested for the charge of strong-armed robbery, it appears that McGregor’s penchant for controversies is only helping shrink his fanbase. Nevertheless, The Notorious Irishman is all set to make a return – and could that happen at UFC 242?

Conor McGregor Appearing UFC 242
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Let us take a closer look at McGregor’s return, and see what impact it might have on Khabib vs Poirier.

Will McGregor Appear at UFC 242?

As of now there is no official confirmation about McGregor appearing at the UFC 242 event in any official capacity. However, given that his arch-rival Khabib Nurmagomedov is competing in the main event, there is a good chance that McGregor will take the extra effort to travel halfway across the globe to Abu Dhabi just to play mind games with Khabib.

Conor McGregor UFC Return
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Furthermore, in case something happens to Poirier, like an injury or sickness, McGregor also has a slim chance of being substituted to this match, as per an old statement made by Dana White earlier this year.

What’s Next for Conor McGregor?

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While we don’t know his official status for UFC 242, we know that he will be closely observing the main event of the match. For him, there’s currently the option to face Nate Diaz for McGregor vs Diaz III. However, he also wants to face Khabib Nurmagomedov after his embarrassing loss at UFC 229 last year! It will be interesting to see who Conor McGregor finally chooses to face.